It seems very difficult to balance healthy wellbeing with a busy work schedule. Having a busy schedule, especially with familiar projects that offer attractive pay, can be very exciting even to the detriment of your health. Here is a list of 5 exclusive tips that can help you maintain wholesomeness even with your busy schedule.

1. Create a to-do list for your daily activities

Creating a to-do list will help you manage time and focus on activities according to their priority. It is important to include break time (eat and take a nap). This will help to reenergize your body and provide an improved work performance without feeling groggy. Your night sleep should not be affected by daytime work. Sleep is very important for a healthy lifestyle.

2. Eat healthily

Make it a priority always to take your breakfast. Getting busy without fueling your body with a healthy morning meal would make you crash down too soon. Smoothies are pretty much a perfect breakfast and snack option. Drink plenty of water. It helps you keep headache and body pain on a check. Avoid too much alcohol.

3. Take a break

Don’t get too carried away with the work you do, remember to take time out throughout your day. Always take time to find some time for a break. Be realistic about how you feel; don’t negotiate your break time for extra duties. You might not have time every day to simply sit and “be”, but do everything in your power to give yourself a lunch break. It is also nice to stretch your body every 15 minutes to help you become more valuable, focused and more productive.

4. Find time for Exercise

Incorporating exercise into your routine would help you to stay healthy and fit. If you find it difficult to go to the gym, you can run some of your errands yourself. Carry your shopping home instead of getting a cab, do some gardening yourself, or go swimming. Partying would also help you relax your nerves and give room for some dancing exercise.

5. Understand Yourself

Your body communicates with you in different languages. Be patient to observe and understand each reaction of your body. You can perform a quick self-analysis at the end of every working day. Know that thing that worked for you that what doesn’t. Learn how to fix your lapses.



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