Nikol Kovalchuk

“fitness encompasses mind, body and soul”

While being a proud mother of four lovely children ranging in ages from 4 to 14, I was also able to simultaneously achieve harmony within myself as well as maintain an athletic, toned body.

For me, fitness provides the balance for a healthy mind, body and soul. It takes discipline, training and a healthy diet to obtain health and beauty inside and out.

The best project any woman can start is work to be the best version of yourself!

My unique technique enables women, including mothers to lead a healthy, active lifestyle manifesting a cheerful and positive attitude while managing one’s time and looking fabulous!

I believe the most sexy attribute in a women is not something that can be seen or touched.
It is a special light inside that shines outward to others.

I invite you to join my unique training curriculum and become “The Best Version of Yourself”!